SUPBUDDY® is a beverage holder and dashboard for your SUP or boat! This simple and clean design suctions down to smooth hard surfaces and secures your items using velcro. Other features include extra loop velcro that can be used for a side mount or other items and a mesh bag that can be looped around a suction cup for empties and extras! 

Tips & Tricks

If simply having a dashboard for your SUP isn't enough, check out these tips and tricks to help make the most of your SUP Buddy.

Glass Bottles

Although we don't recommend bringing glass out on the SUP sometimes you have no other choice. You can slide the cap from your beverage down into the SUP Buddy to give your beverage a tighter fit.

Mesh Bag

The SUP Buddy Mesh Bag is great for holding your empties or extras. Simply tie a half hitch knot in the bag and wrap it around the suction cup base of your SUP Buddy.

POV Camera Mount

The base of the SUP Buddy is a great place to mount your POV Camera. Just stick some velcro on the base of your camera and stick it in place.

Hold More Than One

Each SUP Buddy Base can comfortably hold up to three SUP Buddy koozies, so don't be shy.


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